A journey in search of furniture

We are on our way back to the Twin Cities from Aberdeen. Lucky for us the sun is shining and we have no rain in sight. We headed out of town Saturday around noon. We spent the evening napping after the long drive. We went up to the Ward and had dinner and drinks. We both had a LOT of fun!
Steve’s parents house looks so strange without their belongings. Not to mention we just took the last remnants of Bebe and Paul when we took the couches.

I am so very happy to have these new couches! I may sleep on the couch for the next week to make sure it feels nice and welcome in its new home. 🙂

Laila stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Tarasar while we made the trek to South Dakota. I miss her terribly but I know she is in good hands. Not to mention much happier there than in the truck.

We are looking forward to a few things coming up. My mom’s birthday is this Friday Nov. 21. After that is Thanksgiving and next is CHRISTMAS in Texas!!! Yay!

Well, I better get back to entertaining steve and stop playing on my blackberry! 🙂

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