Weekend Update!

This weekend was great!  I really needed a weekend without projects and travel plans.  Saturday Steve worked some overtime again, so it was just me and Laila.  We went garage saling and got some great clothes for her for fall.  Saturday night we had dinner with our friends.  The day was a bit precarious on the weather side of things and we thought Mother Nature might rain on our BBQ, but in the end it was a very nice night.

Sunday we met with a friend who does photography and she took family photos.  I am really excited to see them when they arrive.  We finally broke down and called the heating/air company to come take a look at our A/C unit.  It turns out when we had our furnace installed the technician rewired the A/C unit incorrectly.  So, that was an easy fix and we are working on having the original company reimburse us for the bill.  (Which I have no doubt we will get done).

 Other than that, it was just a fun weekend of playing with Laila and we even got her little pool set up in the backyard! She loves to spray Steve with the hose.  I will see if I can catch that on video sometime soon!

 We are gearing up for our big Twins game this Friday! It should be beautiful weather!

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