4 months of beautiful baby!

Cooper had his 4 month check up this week.  He actually made 2 trips to the doctor’s office.  We went in on Monday because we suspected he had an ear infection.  He did.  🙁  This is his first and it worries my greatly.  I had chronic ear infections, along with other ear issues, and Laila has had chronic ear infections.  The likelihood of Cooper having ear issues and requiring tubes is pretty high.  I am hoping it doesn’t happen and I am realistic that it will.

Once he got on the meds, he was a happy baby again…until Thursday.  He got his round af vaccinations and between that and the antibiotics his little body is dealing with a lot right now.  He is weathering it like a champ and just needs lots of extra snuggles. 

Our pediatrician says he is wonderful.  He is 14 lbs and 7 oz which is 30th percentile for weight.  He is 90th percentile for height!  He is eating like crazy and talking up a storm.  He hasn’t attempted to roll over yet and we are ok with that. 🙂  I like that I can set him on the floor and not find him under a change upon my return.  🙂 

Big sister, Laila, has been taking such great care of Cooper this week.  She did, however, ask me if we could return him for a “girl one”.  I explained to her that Cooper was here to stay and that she wouldn’t REALLY want to return Cooper would she?  She said that no, she really wouldn’t want to because “he is MY baby”.  🙂  Good answer, good answer.

🙂  Here is a picture of my beautiful babies.  This was Cooper’s first time in his high chair today!  He LOVED it! 

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