34 weeks and stillll counting!

It is time to fatten this baby up!  We are in the final few weeks of this pregnancy (the baby, myself and the rest of the world will all be happier when we are finished I think!)  At the doctor today Laila entertained and wooed the love of the nurses and doctors.  They seem to pay far more attention to her than they do to me.  They take her out of the room and parade her around on a mission to “find stickers”.  She comes back with enough stickers to cover her entire body. 

I am pleased with the way this pregnancy has progressed and am even more please to know I have not gained even an ounce over what I “should” be and still have some room to grow in the next 6-7 weeks.  We (the doctor too don’t worry!) have decided that we will be inducing between June 12 and 14th if  Baby Boy doesn’t come on his own.  Laila was five days late and we can’t afford to go even one day past the 14th or we won’t be able to make it to Laila’s big FLOWER GIRL DEBUT!    Andy’s wedding (my younger brother) is June 18th and we need to be out of the hospital and in Windom, Mn by the 17th around 5 pm.  So if we go as late as the 14th we could make it if we are discharged on the 16th.    So we are prayin this baby doesn’t show up as late as Laila did and that everything goes smoothly with our delivery so we can walk out 2 days later!  Ambitious, no?  🙂

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