2 weeks old.

Well, technically she is 16 days now! But Wednesday marked Laila’s 2 weeks in the world and we have LOVED every minute of it. Even the crying and pooping, long night and spitting up. The past two weeks have FLOWN by. Two weeks ago today we were just packing up to leave the hospital and now..she is sleeping soundly in her own house.

Steve and I can’t believe how much we love her and how instantaneously we knew we would love her forever. She is so perfect to us and we try to take advantage of every single minute with her. She is getting a little more personality everyday. Her hair is getting curlier and lighter; her eyes are bluer. (Maybe she will look a little like Mommy eventually!)

We have been slacking on the photo taking now that I am home alone…so much to be done and not enough time for photos! But this weekend when Daddy is home we will take a TON of pictures! (It doesn’t help that I lost the camera for a few days!)

Laila misses her Grandma and Grandpa Janish and she told me she can’t WAIT to meet her Uncle Scott and Aunt Tanya. 🙂 We love you all!

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