17 weeks old and a bundle of squeals

Cooper is now 17 weeks old.  It is hard to believe that much time has passed since he arrived in our family.  He is so funny and he makes all of us laugh on a daily basis.  He still definitely looks like Laila and is becoming more of his own little man everyday.  He has learned that he can use his voice for other things besides crying.  (Which he does not do very often actually.)  He has started in the past week squealing at the top of his voice to get our attention.  They are happy squeals and screams…and they are LOUD.  If you go talk to him he usually stops or at least takes it down a few notches.  🙂 But he definitely is letting us know he is there and he wants our time. 

We love him so much and are so bless that he is in our family.

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