16 weeks and counting!

Yesterday was Laila’s 16 week birthday which also makes her 113 days old.
I had the day off for Veteran’s day on Tuesday. Laila and I got to hangout and snuggle a lot.
We also got a rare chance to see Scott and Tanya. Not for long but an hour is better than nothing! Aunt T got Laila an adorable new outfit. Laila told me she loved it and can’t wait until she is big enough to wear it!

Laila had started to roll over…I suppose she has been for a few weeks now. She hasn’t managed to flip all the way over but it very close. The other day Steve was teaching her all about animal noises and we found out that she has a fondness for turkeys. Or perhaps just the way her daddy looks incredibly silly when he gobbles.

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today. It may be one of my favorite holidays. I love all the food and I love having an excuse to just hang out with family. I enjoy that it isn’t muddles with presents and we don’t have to worry about decorating. It is just a wonderful day to remind ourselves how truly blessed we are! This year we have a LOT to be thankful for!

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