10 Days till Christmas

We are in full countdown mode here at the Janish household in freezing cold North St Paul, Mn. Currently it is -3 degrees with a windchill of -25 degrees!!! Although apparently it is only going to be a high on 37 degrees today in Arlington. But 37 is better than -3!

I am home sick today and I hoping that Laila is not going to pick it up. I am just relaxing on the couch hoping that I will be up and running by tomorrow!

We started feeding Laila her delicious organic rice cereal…mmmmm… 🙂
She is an eating machine and she loves it. When I say love I mean…LOOOOVVVEE….she is an eating machine and gets really angry when we take her spoon away when she is all done.

Here are some pics of our little lady Laila!

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